Billy Murray

Billy & Jennifer Murray

Jenn and Billy met in 1990 while working at Chase Manhattan Bank, but did not reconnect until 2010 through a mutual friend six months after Jenn had moved from NYC to Dallas.  After a 3-yr long distance romance, they married in April 2013 and now live in University Park in Dallas with Jenn’s daughters, Minna (12), Arden (8) Lamprecht and Billy’s 4-legged male companion, Preston.  Their hearts, however, have never left NYC where they have an apartment on the Upper East Side that several of the Murray clan have co-habitated over the years.  Grateful to be a part of this great big wonderful family, Billy has been bringing the NYC Murrays together for an annual Summer gathering for the last 6+ years.  Billy spent more 30 years in banking, most recently with BNP Paribas, and is now enjoying time off as he plots the next chapter in his life and sharpens his culinary skills.  After a long and successful career in banking and private equity, Jenn now splits her time between being an Adjunct Finance Professor at University of Texas (Dallas), a board member, and a mom.  She has a great sense of adventure and likes exploring new places and experiences.  Billy & Jenn see eye-to-eye on most things except professional football (Jenn likes the Cowboys & Billy roots for the Giants).

After four years on Wall Street as a fixed income trader for J. P. Morgan, Billy’s oldest daughter, Jessica (Jessie), moved from Manhattan Island to Manhattan Beach, CA. to join a FinTech startup, PeerStreet, where she has been for two years and serves as the Company’s Vice President of Strategy. She is a graduate of University of Richmond (2010).

Jessie’s sister, Emily, returned to New York City after graduating from Colgate University in 2013 to assist NBCUniversal develop and launch a new social media app. She currently works at a strategic marketing company called Civic Entertainment Group, a strategic marketing company.


Billy & Jenn


                                     Jennifer – Minna – Emily – Jessie – Arden – Billy

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Minna – Jessie – Arden

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Minna – Emily – Arden

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Minna – Emily – Jessie – Arden

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