Tim, Tom & Dash

Tim Murray and Tom Murphy live in San Francisco with their son Dash Murphy, who will be almost seven at the time of the reunion. Tim & Tom will be celebrating 25 years together in 2018. We got married first in 2004, then again in 2013.

Tom is a marketing director who has worked for Apple, Target, and Gap, Inc. Tim is a creative director for Mozilla. Dash is entering first grade and loves drawing and building, bike riding, swimming, skiing, and Pokemon. We have a small black kitten named Onyx.

As a family we visit the farm in Virginia a few times a year, spend time in Provincetown every summer, and feel lucky to stay with the Jim Murray family in the Caribbean the week after Christmas. In San Francisco, we see the Brady Murray family frequently, and the Twohy Murray family, Tommy Murray, and David Murray as often as we can. Many family members visit us in San Francisco, and Dash knows his 22 first cousins on the Murray side – most of whom are old enough to be his parents – very well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!