Thomas Harris

Barb and I spent our professional careers with a major aerospace company in Rockford, IL: she as a chemist and I as a technical writer. Naturally, we both had lives before that, but that will have to wait for my autobiography. Sometime during our tenures we welcomed our daughter, Megan, into the world and saw her through her development until she left for university. After our 37-year careers, we decided we’d had enough and retired. We moved from our home in Illinois to Rio Rancho, NM (just north of Albuquerque and 45 minutes south of Santa Fe) and have been here for about two years just relaxing, seeing the sights, and volunteering at local historic sites.

As for Megan, she completed her undergrad studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 2012 with degrees in archaeology and anthropology. She’s been a working archaeologist since then and is now finishing up with her masters in archaeology from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. She’s currently pursuing permanent residence status with the hopes of remaining in Canada for the long term.