Tam & Laurie Murray

We moved to the DC-area 32 years ago, found it a great place to raise our four children, and are still here! Staying in Alexandria suits us for now. Thankfully, our two dogs, Hank & Zoey, do a pretty good job of filling our “empty nest”. In contemplating what’s next, our first step is spending more time in Telluride, CO, the town Lauren’s parents moved to 25 years ago.

Tam continues to develop, manage and own wireless towers in Northern and Central Virginia, He spends his free time hiking, road and mountain biking, swimming, running & playing golf. Laurie recently gave golf the full embrace.  She finds it a relaxing outlet to managing family affairs, household responsibilities and the dogs. She is enjoying the newly found freedom of visiting the kids and travelling.

Our eldest, and only daughter, Alison settled in NYC in 2008.  She and Tom Winkler (St Louis, MO) were married in Montauk last June, and now call Williamsburg, Brooklyn home.  Alison recently transitioned from her marketing role in banking to managing her own interior design business, Ali Reeve Design, and Tom manages musicians.

Our middle son, Peter relocated from DC to NYC. He is enjoying the Brooklyn scene and lives in an apartment not too far from Alison and Tom. He is a freelance journalist and copywriter, who covers politics, music, and art.

San Francisco is home to our sons Tommy & David who live together in the Mission District. Tommy works as a product designer at Viator and David works in sales & marketing at Backroads. In their free time, they take advantage of the many outdoor activities the Bay area has to offer. On any given weekend, you might find David surfing near Golden Gate Bridge Park, and Tommy bicycling in Marin County. Uncles and cousins live near by and provide a wonderful support network.

Murray Reunion 2017


Alison, Tom Winkler, David, Tam, Laurie, Tommy and Peter

Montauk June 4, 2016

Murray, A&T 453

Tommy, Peter, Tam, Alison, Tom Winkler, Laurie, David

                                                              Telluride February 2017


Tam & Laurie


Hank & Zoey