Robert Murray

Rob & Betsy Murray

After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 1985, I lived and worked in Hartford for two years before relocating to Boston where I lived from 1987-1991. I moved to Chicago in 1991 where I met my wife, Betsy Hall Murray. We have three wonderful children Emmet, Brendan, and Erin. Betsy enjoys sharing her knowledge of holistic health, serves the elderly, and works at a yoga studio and Whole Foods. Emmet is a passionate computer scientist enrolled at The Ohio State University and works part time as a mobile app developer. Brendan is a business major at the University of Colorado and enjoys all sports and outdoor activities. And Erin is sophomore in High School, an accomplished yogi and aspiring educator.

I have been working in technology since 1991 and am also a part-time yoga instructor. My passions also include swimming, biking, paddle tennis, music, tea, Eastern philosophy, and meditation.