Paula Murray

Paula & Dante Amato

I graduated from Boston College in 1988 with a degree in Economics.  I fell in love with Boston and was determined to stay.  My intention was to apply for summer jobs in Faneuil Hall until I found a real job.  I interviewed for part time sales at a store I frequented, and they asked if I wanted to be the assistant manager instead. It paid twice as much as the sales job, and so it goes…. I wound up spending over 25 years in the retail industry mostly in field operations, training and communications.  I met my husband, Dante Amato while traveling for this very first company. He was a native of Philadelphia and got me moving South. We met somewhere in the middle, and our family was born in Princeton, NJ.  We have two amazing children. Zach is a freshman at University of Denver studying Political Science. He loves to debate and to ski!  Emily is a sophomore in high school. Her passions are in STEM and she is a kick ass softball player.

About 10 years ago, we moved to Pittsburgh, PA for a big life change and for Dante to pursue his career with McGraw Hill in Construction information. I took time off for the first time ever!, consulted for the wonderful folks I had met through my years in retail, attended PTA meetings, chaired events and did homework with my kids! As my kids stopped needing papers to be written for (I mean with…) them…I went back into the traditional workforce. I now work for a technology company.   We are small enough that while my primary responsibility is in Sales and Marketing, I also do corporate communications, project management and a little HR.