Monica O’Neil


unnamed-1.jpgThe Jennings Family

Marie and James
Anne, Monica (O’Neil) and Steve


Steve and I have been married since June 16, 1990 and have three children, James (21), Anne (19) and Marie (16) Jennings. We met in 1985 when we were both teachers – and coaches and dorm heads – at St. Mark’s School, a co-ed boarding school in Southborough, Ma.

After three years at St. Mark’s, Steve left teacher and joined the consulting world. He worked as a management consultant at Monitor Company for 25 years and eventually succeeded the founder to become the managing partner. When Deloitte bought Monitor four years ago, Steve became a managing partner at Deloitte Consulting.

After St, Mark’s, I went on to do my Master’s degree in French Literature at Boston College, where I taught French and Spanish language classes. During one of the summers, I did a French course at Middlebury and often ran into Tim Murray, who was doing a Japanese program. We would try to honor the “no English pledge” though it made for rather stilted Frech-Japanese conversations!

After completing my Masters, I taught for five years at Roxbury Latin, an all-boys school in Boston and then started my doctorate. Half way through the degree James was born prematurely. I cared for him and also did coursework, but the more time I spent with James the less interested I became in French literature. My focus shifted to raising James, and then Annie and Marie. I suspended my studies and never looked back. Being a mom to these three kids has been the best job ever.

James just completed his sophomore year and Anne her freshman year at Georgetown. They are both studying liberal arts. James is thinking of declaring a Political Economy major and Anne, Psychology.  Marie is a rising high school junior at the Rivers School in Weston, Ma and is starting to think about colleges.

We have lived in the same house in Belmont, Massachusetts for almost 25 years and are just now thinking about downsizing in the next several years. It should take us at least that long to de-clutter everything accumulated over all the years!

We spend the summers on Nantucket where we have a house in Cisco, on the south part of the island. The beach and the surf remind me of Southampton and, while it would be impossible to re-create what the Murray cousins had together there during our childhood, our family has had lots of O’Neil cousin time on Nantucket, a special place for all of us.