Margaret Harris

A few words from Tom :

“Looking back on our childhoods, it seems that Peg and I grew up pretty much alone within a family of ten. We were too old for some and too young for others. But we managed. I managed to break her hand with a hardball (her fault) and she managed to deck me while we were bouncing on a trampoline (my fault). We managed to have fun and we managed better than most to get into trouble; sometimes to the dismay of certain of our cousins. Whether in Rye, or Southampton, or in Vermont or at Windham, we were pretty much inseparable for a long time.

The times changed, of course, and we both set off to find our own way in the world, and we soon found ourselves a long way apart and our communications became less frequent. We still talked and shared but it wasn’t the same as the old days. It was only at the family gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas that we spent any amount of face time together. But that just seemed like the natural progression of life. So other than a couple of years when we were together in Upper Michigan, we grew farther apart. I regret that now, but of course it’s too late.

Friday, April 13th would have been Peg’s 68th birthday. Keep her in your thoughts.”
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