Latham & Lang Murray

Latham and Lang raised their five children (Brad, Wistar, Jack, Margaret, and Stephen) in New York, Maryland, and England before settling back home in Charlottesville, VA. Latham – beloved father, husband, brother, physician, and friend – passed away in 2009. Lang spends her days doting on her six grandchildren and watching UVA basketball.

Brad and Sue Murray live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with their daughter Frances (2).  They are both physicians.

Wistar Murray and Matt Burke recently moved from Brooklyn to Charlottesville with their daughter Lillian (6mo.). Wistar is a freelance writer and Matt is a freelance photographer.

Jack and Kathryn Murray live in Charlottesville with their sons Latham (4) and John (2).  Jack does marketing for a local brewery and Kathryn is finishing nursing school.

Margaret and Noah Bloom live in Charlottesville with their kids Zoe (3) and Charlie (18mo.).  They both assist with the operations and management of Panorama Farms.

Stephen Murray and his fiance Sylvie Jobes live in Charlotte, NC.  Stephen works in real estate and Sylvie in energy trading.


Matt, Wistar, Lang, Noah, Margaret, Jack, Kathryn, Stephen, Sylvie, Sue, and Brad


Lang’s grandchildren – Lillian, Charlie, Frances, John, Zoe, and Latham

Pics by Matt Burke

Jackson 08 031

Latham in Jackson, WY – 2008