Jim Jr. & Bruce Murray

James B. Murray, Jr., Bruce R. Murray and family

Meghan R. Murray, Steven Bowers, Orro Bowers, and Cenica Bowers

J. Brady Murray, III, Rebecca Rozell, Aya Murray, and Mikko Murray

Jim and Bruce live south of Charlottesville, Virginia on a large farm. Their home, “V House” adjoins “Greenmont”, Bruce’s family farm that last year celebrated 100 years of family ownership.

Daughter, Meghan, her husband Steve Bowers, and their son Orro (age 10) and daughter Cenica (age 9) live next door at “Greenmont.”  Meghan is a graduate of the University of Virginia and has her MBA from Oxford. She runs a consulting firm and teaches at the Darden Graduate Business School at UVA. Steve, a graduate of the University of Kansas, has his own communications agency, Chaski Global, LLC and also works much of his time with APEX Clean Energy.

Son, Brady and his wife, Becca live in San Francisco, CA with two children, Aya (4) and Mikko (1). Brady, a graduate of Williams College, is a technology executive and oversees real estate development ventures in San Francisco. Becca, a graduate of Skidmore College, is a dance teacher and dance performer in San Francisco.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia and got his law degree at the College of William and Mary. Jim has had a varied career as a school teacher, attorney, real estate developer, private equity investor and other pursuits; but the bulk of his career has been in the venture capital business. He is still active today in venture capital investing while also managing Greenmont Timber Partners, an institutional timber investment fund and serving as chair of the Finance Committee of the Board of Visitors (Trustees) of the University of Virginia. Jim is the founder of the Presidential Precinct a non-profit that provides physical and virtual education on democracy for young leaders from developing countries.

Bruce manages commercial real estate and has had a long career as a volunteer board member on charitable boards of educational and medical institutions. She has served on the board of Martha Jefferson hospital and twice as a chairman of the board at ST. Anne’s-Belfield School and as chair of the Charlottesville Free Clinic. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of P.A.C.E, a public health organization for senior care.

Jim and Bruce especially love spending time with Orro, Cenica, Aya, and Mikko. They have a winter home on the island of Mustique in the Caribbean and a summer home in northern Michigan.


Aya, Jim, Cenica, Mikko, Bruce, Orro


Mikko, Becca, Brady, Jim, Aya, Bruce, Cenica, Meghan, Orro, Steve


Aya, Mikko, Cenica, Orro


Orro, Meghan, Cenica, Steve

image001Becca, Aya, Mikko, Brady