Drew & Pam Murray

Drew and Pam will have happily clung to each other for 34 years by the time the reunion rolls around, and they are the proud parents of Derek (32) and Hilary (30 in April).  They are currently empty nesting it in Earlysville, about a mile from Panorama Farms.

Drew was a general contractor for 15 years before joining brother Steve as a co-owner of Panorama Paydirt, a commercial composting operation located on Panorama. Cycling, walking, volleyball and golfing are frequent athletic pastimes while reading, mountain bike trail building, day dreaming and flint knapping occupy the more leisurely times.  He can be found on the farm doing something almost any time, but watch out, he’s accident prone.

Pam is a 34 year veteran employee of the City of Charlottesville.  She began her career as a draftsman for the Engineering Department.  Currently, she is with the city’s Neighborhood Development Services Department where she manages the addressing for the entire city and is involved with their GIS mapping.  She loves to scull/sweep row on our local reservoir with a community rowing club, often in a boat with her sister-in-law, Merrick.  She still hits the volleyball court weekly and she won’t leave home without her beloved stitching.

Derek and Mary Alex, married in Nov. 2015, are finishing up their final year as public elementary school teachers in the Washington D.C. area.  They are transferring their noble skills to Richmond, VA this summer.  Mary Alex spends her free time volunteering as an Adoption Coordinator for City Dogs Rescue of DC while Derek referees collegiate lacrosse games.  Both enjoy walking their dog Dylan.

Hilary currently works as a Senior Corporate Care Specialist at Acumen Solutions, a business consulting firm based in Tysons Corner, VA. Her role primarily consists of planning the company events, overseeing the Corporate Social Responsibility Program, managing the Corporate Wellness Program, and much more! In her spare time, Hilary enjoys spending time with her sweet puppy, Max (a Brittany), going for long runs around Leesburg, VA, and spending time with her boyfriend, Scott.

We are all looking forward to hosting everyone here in Charlottesville this summer.

Pam and Drew.jpg

Drew and Pam

Derek and Mary Alex.JPG

Derek and Mary Alex

Hilary and Scott.JPG

Hilary and Scott