Dina Sheridan Grant


Dina and Stephen Grant

Dina and Stephen just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and have 6 children. They’ve lived in New York and England and now live in Bronxville, NY. Dina gives guided tours to school children at the Cloisters the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She’s also on the Board of the local Concordia College Conservatory and is the captain of two tennis teams. Stephen works for J.P. Morgan.

Michael, 29, works as a post-production editor in reality TV.

Tom, 27, is a college prep tutor

Katherine, 26, works in change management at Estee Lauder

Sheila, 23, is in marketing at Rag & Bone, a clothing company

Jim, 21, is a sophomore at Washington & Lee

Will, 14 is in the 8th grade at Bronxville School