David Harris

David Harris

My wife, Joanne Blais, and I call Wilder, VT our home and have lived in the Upper Valley for roughly 30 years.  We met at the University of Vermont where I got a BS in Engineering, and where Joanne got a BA in English.  Joanne agreed to come with me to Florida for my adventures with the VA, and then to Colorado where she got her masters in Library Science at the University of Denver.

It wasn’t until Joanne was 8 months pregnant with our first child, Chelsea, that we decided to head back home to Vermont to raise our family.

Chelsea was born in 1986 and almost from the day she left the womb, she’s wanted to be a Doctor.  Her dream was realized three years ago when she graduated from UVM and “matched” in Surgery at Shock Trauma in Baltimore.  She’s now working her way through a 7-year residency, which includes two years of research at U. Michigan.

Mikey came along two years after Chelsea and has been a lot of fun ever since.  He caught the acting bug when he was chosen as the “Cat-In-The-Hat” for Seussical, and after a dual degree in Theatre and Math from Conn College, went on to pursue his dreams in NYC.  He had limited success acting, and so decided to exercise the other side of his brain.  Mikey went back to school to become a computer programmer and is now working as a software engineer for a national firm in New York.

Joanne works in a wonderful local library in Hanover as the head of the reference department, and my most recent position is with Dartmouth Medical School (Geisel), as the head of Facilities.   Life at present is pretty good and we’re hoping for many more good years to come.


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Chel at UVM

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