Chris Murray & Debbie Campbell

Chris Murray and Debbie Campbell live in downtown Charlottesville, happy to be a 20-min walk from the Downtown mall.  Debbie is a UVA-trained Family Practice physician who completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona with Andrew Weil in 2007.  Debbie is an old-school clinician who, despite the pressures of for-profit medicine, cares for her patients as though they are family. Chris is working–retired, a developer of affordable housing who consults on aging and the built environment. He and Debbie were married in 2002. Unfortunately (for us) Debbie will be attending her 30th med school reunion in Mobile, AL on June 10th.

Nick, Chris’ son and his wife Alice Proujansky live in Brooklyn, NY. William will be 5 years old on June 11th, one day after the reunion. Will’s sister, January, aka “JB”, age 2 will climb on, get into and comment about all things.  Nick, a project manager for a Seattle-based construction company, is just completing a huuuuge house on the north fork of Long Island. He’d prefer sight-casting for striped bass in the LI Sound instead.  Alice is a free-lance photographer who’s Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids was published by Aperture in 2016. An educator and practicing photojournalist, she specializes in working motherhood and birth. Her work has been published in the New York Times, New York, Harper’s, the New Republic, and elsewhere.

Margo Murray completed her MSW at Fordham in 2014, and also lives in Brooklyn. She is working towards her LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Work) at the Karen Horney Clinic in Manhattan, and will receive her license late this fall.  With her background and continuing practice in yoga, mindfulness and meditation, Margo counsels people of all persuasions, helping them with addiction, trauma, and Life.  She gravitates to those in their later years wrestling with changing phases of life. She keeps her own center, hands-on at a potter’s wheel, turning out exquisite porcelain for those lucky enough to be on her gift list.

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Margo, Chris, Debbie, Nick, Alice

William Leon Murray

January and William

January Beatrice Murray