Charlotte Harris

Charlotte Harris and John Roach

Jack Roach

John and Charlotte were married in Manchester Vermont 29 years ago and are the proud parents of Jack who is a sophomore at the University of Vermont, his Mom’s alma mater.  Charlotte and John divide their time between their old mill house in North Salem, NY and the converted barn in Manchester where Basil and Marie reigned after moving from Rye, NY.  John enjoys the peace and natural beauty of Vermont and Charlotte loves to tear around the field on her tractor shredding things.

John studied aviation, business and computers in college and spent two years at sea as a Navy sonar technician. John then accepted a “temporary” position with AT&T that lasted almost 35 years. He recently finished a six-year term on the local library board. It’s a small organization where, as president, his duties included fund raising, roof repair and light carpentry.  He is an avid private pilot and horseback rider (how the two met).  John and Charlotte find time to ride horses together every day and hike local trails with their two golden retrievers, who may just make the reunion. Jack has joined the crew team at UVM and seems to be getting even stronger and taller if that could be possible!  He was a curator at the Trevor Zoo and is a chicken and parrot whisperer at heart.

Charlotte is retired from a career in finance.  After graduating from UVM, she started her career at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in investment banking.  After two years as an analyst and not wanting to go back for an MBA, she joined Bankers trust in foreign exchange sales and trading (good traders don’t need no fancy degrees!).  From BT, she moved on to Citibank and ultimately landed her dream job at Caxton Associates, one of the very first hedge funds.  Charlotte was a portfolio manager and eventually became a partner.  She loved every minute of her job until the company got too big and she wanted to spend more time with Jack.  Trading currencies is in her soul!  She is co-chairman of the North Salem town planning board, president of the North Salem Bridle Trails Association and a recent trustee of the North Salem Open Land Foundation. She is also on the board of the Millbrook Horse Trials.



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