Anne Murray Schneider

Anne Murray Schneider married to Joseph Lee Schneider  – 8/18/84
Joseph Lee Schneider jr “Lee”  –  10/1/85
Andrew Paul Schneider “Drew”  – 10/17/88
Gregory Gilbert Schneider “Greg” – 5/7/93

Joe and I met and married in Denver CO. He is originally from Wisconsin. We both had careers with Delta Airlines which took us to Dallas TX in the late ’80s and finally to Cincinnati OH in the early 90’s where we’ve called home for nearly 29 years. Though I never thought I’d ever live in the Midwest, we discovered it to be a wonderful place to raise and educate our boys. Joe and I both retired from Delta Airlines 12 years ago, but continued in the workforce until this year, when we are now fully retired. We recently purchased a “villa” in Venice FL which we are looking forward to enjoying, especially in the winter. Who knew that I wouldn’t mind being called a “snow bird”!

Lee (31) graduated from the University of Colorado in 2008 and went on to work for Enterprise Holdings as a manager in several of their Colorado locations. However, he has recently left that job, took the GMAT exam and received a full ride to Michigan State’s graduate program to get his MBA. He will be moving to East Lansing in August and will begin a very exciting and challenging chapter in his life.

Drew (28) graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 2011 and moved to Chicago IL where he has had a very successful career in the hotel business. He recently was recruited from the Langham Hotel by Ace Hotel, which will be opening in July, to be their Director of Housekeeping. His fiancé, Miriam Neems, whom he meet at Miami U. is from Chicago and is an attorney working as general council for a venture capital company. They will be married there on October 14th.

Greg (24) graduated from Regis University in Denver in 2015. He has been working for Masterpiece as their front of the house manager but is actively pursuing other career opportunities. He is an avid golfer and plays whenever he can.


Lee, Joe, Anne, Greg and Drew

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Anne and Joe


Drew and Mimi